The Beatles on DVD: December 1963

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Location: London. Country: England.
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John C. Winn writes that this item was filmed for ORTF, the French National Broadcast System [then the sole TV channel
in the country], by a film production company called Reflex Films (no longer in business) to promote the sale
of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" during the Beatles' three-week stint at the Olympia in Paris, in January 1964.

Fellow collector John McEwen believes it may have been filmed as early as December 1963.
The 2003 owners of the film stated that the interview was filmed in Soho, "close to Meard Street where Reflex Films was located".
Mark Lewisohn has shared that the former address of Reflex Films was 9 Meard Street, London, W1 (Soho).

One version of the ten-minute film (outtakes included) reportedly features an interview with the group, intercut with footage
of them on stage at the Wimbledon Palais on 14 December 1963. The version seen on MCP’s Yesterdays, Vol. 1
has "She Loves You" from The Mersey Sound instead. The third capture isn’t part of that DVD.

Source: BEA-131-D. "Yesterdays, Vol. 1" (MCP) (1:13)

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