John Lennon on DVD: 8-11 February 1970

Chip Madinger writes that Yoko Ono’s ex-husband Tony Cox "shot four days worth of footage: February 8, 9, 10, and 11th.
The footage in the sample clip that’s floating around comes from the 9th and the 10th". Fab’s Let It End has 7:03 of this footage.

A.a. Title: [Handheld video].
Location: Tittenhurst, Ascot + Black House, Holloway. Country: England.
Date: . Aired: [n/a].

Source: F-109. [Unbootlegged.] (8:00)

A.b. Title: [Handheld video].
Location: Tittenhurst, Ascot. Country: England.
Date: . Aired: [n/a].

Source: [Currently unavailable.]

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