The Rolling Stones on DVD: 6 October 1978

A. Title: Saturday Night Live.
Location: NBC Studio, New York, NY. Country: United States.
Date: Friday 6 October 1978. Aired: [Raw footage].

Rehearsals for the live broadcast before Mick completely shot his voice. The 31:46 edit appears to be compiled from
various bits of the source tape. It features several versions of "Respectable" and "Beast of Burden", a rough version
of the as-yet-unreleased "Summer Romance", "Shattered" and "Bitch". The 14:16 source appears to be unfettered
and features the three songs performed the following evening. Contrary to what
The Complete Works of the Rolling Stones states,
the stage and background suggests this was taped at NBC, rather than at Bill Wyman’s home studio in upstate New York.

Source: STO-021-D. "Saturday Night Live Rehearsals" (MCP) (31:46 + 14:16)

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