Paul McCartney on DVD: May 2003

A. Title: Tg1.
Location: . Country: .
Date: . Aired: Saturday 10 May 2003.

"Can’t Buy Me Love" (first capture) comes from an unidentified concert,
where Paul’s interview was also presumably taped.

Source: V-127. [Unbootlegged.] (1:26)

B. Title: Novosti.
Location: . Country: .
Date: . Aired: Friday 23 May 2003.

Source: F-200. [Unbootlegged.] (2:55)

C. Title: Namedni.
Location: . Country: Russia.
Date: . Aired: .

Paul’s interview may have been taped just prior to his concert in Moscow (on 24 May).
This was broadcast some time around Christmas 2003, as part of a year-end retrospective.

Source: F-364. [Unbootlegged.] (1:47)

D. Title: Entertainment Tonight.
Location: . Country: .
Date: . Aired: .

Paul McCartney talks about an unspecified alternate version
of "Live and Let Die" used in a Hollywood movie released in May 2003.

Source: F-404. [Unbootlegged.] (0:48)

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